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Version: 2009-03-15 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


cgclassify - move running task(s) to given cgroups


cgclassify [-g <controllers>:<path>] [--sticky] <pidlist>


this command moves processes defined by the list of processes (pidlist) to given control groups.

The pids in the pidlist are separated by spaces

-g <controllers>:<path>
defines control groups where the task will be moved. controllers is a list of controllers and path is the relative path to control groups in the given controllers list.

This flag can be used multiple times to define multiple pairs of lists of controllers and relative paths. Instead of the list of all mounted controllers, wildcard * can be used.

If this option is not used then cgclassify will automatically place the task to the control group based on /etc/cgrules.conf.

If this option is used, the daemon of service cgred (cgrulesengd process) does not change both the specified pidlist and their children tasks. Without this option, the daemon does not change the specified pidlist but it changes their children tasks to the right cgroup based on /etc/cgrules.conf automatically.


default libcgroup configuration file


cgrules.conf (5), cgexec (1)