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Version: 250478 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


eukleides - a Euclidean geometry drawing language compiler.


eukleides [ -v | -h ]
eukleides [ -f ] filename
euk2eps filename
euk2edit filename format


The language Eukleides provides simple and powerful commands for creating elementary Euclidean geometry figures. The compiler eukleides translates a source file written in this specific language into TeX (PSTricks) macro-commands. The result is sent to standard output.
The shell script euk2eps creates an EPS file from a Eukleides source file. It calls eukleides, tex, dvips and removes the intermediate files. The shell script euk2edit converts a Eukleides source file into various vector graphic formats. It calls euk2eps, eps2pdf, pstoedit and removes the intermediate files. To know the available formats, run pstoedit --help.


Print version number.
Print immediate help.
Run as a filter, in order to compile figures embedded in a (La)TeX source file. In this case, they have to begin with `%--eukleides' and end with `%--stop' or `%--end'. The `%--stop' ending tag tells eukleides to keep variables in memory for further use. With the `%--end' tag, variables are cleared.


See `Eukleides' entry in info for comprehensive documentation.


xeukleides (1).


Christian Obrecht <>.