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Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


flow-stat --- Generate reports with flow data.


flow-stat [-hnpPw] [-d debug_level] [-f format] [-S sort_field] [-s sort_field] [-t tally_lines] [-T title]


The flow-stat utility generates usage reports for flow data sets by IP address, IP address pairs, ports, packets, bytes, interfaces, next hops, autonomous systems, ToS bits, exporters, and tags.


-d debug_level
Enable debugging.
-f format
 Report format.  Choose from the following:
     0  Overall Summary
     1  Average packet size distribution
     2  Packets per flow distribution
     3  Octets per flow distribution
     4  Bandwidth per flow distribution
     5  UDP/TCP destination port
     6  UDP/TCP source port
     7  UDP/TCP port
     8  Destination IP
     9  Source IP
     10 Source/Destination IP
     11 Source or Destination IP
     12 IP protocol
     13 octets for flow duration plot data
     14 packets for flow duration plot data
     15 short summary
     16 IP Next Hop
     17 Input interface
     18 Output interface
     19 Source AS
     20 Destination AS
     21 Source/Destination AS
     22 IP ToS
     23 Input/Output Interface
     24 Source Prefix
     25 Destination Prefix
     26 Source/Destination Prefix
     27 Exporter IP
     28 Engine Id
     29 Engine Type
     30 Source Tag
     31 Destination Tag
     32 Source/Destination Tag
Display help.
Use symbolic names where appropriate.
Display header information.
Report as percent total.
-s sort_field
Sort ascending on field sort_field.
-S sort_field
Sort descending on field sort_field.
-t tally_lines
Tally totals every tally_lineslines.
-T title
Set report title to title.
Wide output.


Provide a report on top source/destination IP pairs sorted by octets, report in percent total form for the flows in /flows/krc4. Use the preload option to flow-cat to preserve meta information and display it with flow-stat.

  flow-cat -p /flows/krc4 | flow-stat -f10 -P -p -S4


Many times a campus network will have a single border router which has one interface pointing to the internal side and many interfaces pointing to other providers. These interfaces each have a unique numerical id known in SNMP terms as an ifIndex. The ifIndex to interface name mappings can be determined by using a tool such as snmpwalk or using show commands in recent versions of IOS with the 'show snmp mib ifmib ifindex' or JunOS 'show interfaces'. Once the ifIndex for each interface is known flow-filter can be combined with flow-stat to provide reports such as inbound vs outbound top src/destination IP addresses.

Provide a top source IP address report by outbound traffic, ie the top senders of traffic on the campus network. Assume the ifIndex of the campus interface is 5.

  flow-cat -p /flows/krc4 | flow-filter -i5 | flow-stat -f9 -P -p -S3 


Provide a top destination IP address report by outbound traffic, ie the top sinks of traffic on the campus network. Assume the ifIndex of the campus interface is 5.

  flow-cat -p /flows/krc4 | flow-filter -I5 | flow-stat -f8 -P -p -S3 


Provide a top source/destination AS report. Use symbolic names.

  flow-cat -p /flows/krc4 | flow-stat -f20 -n -P -p -S4 


None known.


Mark Fullmer maf@splintered.net