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Version: 250155 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


music123 - plays various sound files (usually including MP3, Ogg and Wav).


music123 [ -hqrvz ] file ...


music123 is a shell around various command line programs to play music files. It will descend directories trees with -r, and randomize file lists with -z. The programs used and the options given them are listed in /etc/music123rc or ~/.music123rc.


Show command help and exit;
Quiet mode. No messages are displayed.
Recurse into directories, instead of ignoring them.
Display version information and exit.
Play files in random order.
Play the files randomly and endlessly.
Loop. -z -l differs from -Z in that -z -l will randomize, play through the song list (without repetition) in random order once, and repeat the songs in that order over and over; -Z will randomly play the songs, without any order, and will possibly play a song right after itself.
Set music123 not to delay between songs. (May make music123 harder to kill).
Customize the time music123 delays between songs. -d takes one argument, expressed in seconds, which may have a fractional part.
Play the files listed in the mandatory argument of -@. Other files can be added on the command line, and this option can be given several times. Note that music123 doesn't yet play URLs.
End option list.


Play three songs:

music123 test1.ogg test2.mp3 test3.wav

Play a couple of directories and other songs at random:

music123 -z -r Rock/ test1.ogg Pop/ test4.wav


Describes which programs music123 uses, which files types it supports, and which options it passes those programs.
Per-user config file to override the system wide settings.



David Starner <>