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Version: 334502 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)

BSD mandoc


phm2if - Generate Phantom (generate phantom for computed tomography simulator)


phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS]


phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS] generates phantom images for comparisons to reconstructions for CTsim.

phm2if outfile nx ny [--phantom phantom-name] [--picfile filename] [OPTIONS] is configured to use a variety of options for phantom generation.

The options are as follows:

--phantom predefined-phantom-name
Selects a predefined phantom name
--picfile picfile
Reads a picture file that defines a phantom
--filter filter-name
Generate a phantom image from a filter
--filter-param x
Set alpha level for Hamming filter
--filter-bw bw
Filter bandwidth (default is 1)
--filter-domain domain
Set domain to "spatial" or "freq"
--nsample n
Use n samples per X & Y direction for each pixel
--trace level
Set trace level (default is none)
--desc description
Save description in image file
Turn on verbose mode
Turn on debug mode
Print version
Print terse help summary


Kevin Rosenberg, M.D. <>


CTSim was begun in 1983 using MS-DOS and an EGA display adapter. In 1999 it was ported to GNU/Linux and later ported to Microsoft Windows.


ctsim (1), ctsimtext (1), if1 (1), if2 (1), ifinfo (1), linogram (1), phm2helix (1), phm2pj (1), pj2if (1), pjHinterp (1), pjinfo (1), pjrec (1)