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Version: 371924 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


pyjigdo - PYthon JIGsaw DOwnloader


pyjigdo [option]... jigdoURL


PyJigdo is a Python rewrite of the popular Jigdo distribution framework. It has also been slightly modified to add some extra features.


--version show program's version number and exit

-h, --help
show this help message and exit
Runtime Options:
Use given jigdo-file binary. (Default: /usr/bin/jigdo-file)
List available images for given Jigdo files and exit.
-d, --debug
Set debugging to on.
-v, --verbose
Increase verbosity.
Logfile location. (Default: ./pyjigdo.log)
General Options:
Print information about the jigdo image and exit.
--fallback=[number of tries]
Number of public mirrors to try before using a fallback mirror. (Default: 3)
Don't use mirrorlists, if present. (Default: False)
--max-attempts=[number of tries]
Max number of tries to get a file before giving up. (Default: 6)
-t [number of seconds], --timeout=[number of seconds]
Number of seconds to wait before switching to different slice source. (Default: 30)
Download Options:
-n [image numbers], --image-numbers=[image numbers]
Download a given comma-separated list of image number(s) or range(s). e.g.: "7,15,23,8-13"
-f [image filenames], --image-filenames=[image filenames]
Download a given comma-separated list of image filenames or file glob patterns. e.g.: "*i386*CD*,foo.iso"
-a, --all
Download all images defined in jigdo. Same as -f "*"
Number of threads to use when downloading. (Default: 8)
Number of files to download before stuffing into ISO. (Default: 80)
Remove downloaded data after stuffing into ISO. (Default: False)
Directory to store any temporary data for downloads. (Default: ./pyjigdo-data/)
Directory to store final download data. (Default: . )
Scan Options:
-s [directory], --scan-dir=[directory]
Scan given directory for files needed by selected image(s).
--scan-iso=[iso image]
Mount and then scan existing ISO images for files needed by selected image(s).


Interactively download an ISO image listed in the specified .jigdo file or URL:


Save time and bandwidth by not downloading unchanged parts of the image you may already have available locally. Point --scan-dir at base directories and/or --scan-iso at ISO images. One or both of these options should always be used when possible, and is a primary feature of using Jigdo over other download methods.

pyjigdo --scan-dir "/media/Fedora 8 i386 DVD" Fedora-Unity-20080331-8.jigdo
pyjigdo --scan-iso ~/downloads/Fedora-8-i386-DVD.iso Fedora-Unity-20080331-8.jigdo

Automatically start downloading ISO image numbers 6, 7, and 16 to 21:

pyjigdo -n 6,7,16-21 Fedora-Unity-20080331-8.jigdo

Automatically start downloading all of the 32bit CD ISO image filenames using a simple wildcard glob pattern:

pyjigdo -f "*i386*CD*" Fedora-Unity-20080331-8.jigdo




Jonathan Steffan, Jeroen van Meeuwen, Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams, Stewart Adam, Jason Farrell


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