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Version: 2010-05-24 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


sp_preproc - SystemPerl Preprocessor


   sp_preproc <file.sp>


sp_preproc takes a .sp (systemperl) file and creates the SystemC header and C files.

It is generally only executed from the standard build scripts.


Displays this message and program version and exits.
Read only hierarchy information, ignore all signal information. Useful for faster generation of sp_lib files.
Edit the existing source code ``inline''. Similar to the Verilog-mode AUTOs. Use --inline --noautos to remove the expanded automatics.
--libfile filename
Filename to write a list of sp_cells into, for later use as a --libcell to another sp_preproc run.
Include library cells in the --libfile report.
Files listed before --libcell will be preprocessed or inlined as appropriate. Files after noexpand will only be used for resolving references, they will not be linked, linted, or otherwise checked. --nolibcell can be used to re-enable checking of subsequent files.
--M filename
--MMD filename
Write dependencies in Makefile format to the specified filename.
--Mdir dirname
Write preprocessor outputs to the specified directory instead of the current directory.
Create output files compatible with Cadence NC-SystemC.
Disable lint style error checks, such as required to run doxygen on the SystemPerl output.
Preprocess the code, writing to separate header and cpp files.
Include code to trace submodule signals connected directly to a parent signal, generally for debugging interconnect. Without this switch such signals will be presumed to have the value of their parent module's signal, speeding and compressing traces.
--tree filename
Write a report showing the design hierarchy tree to the specified filename. This format may change, it should not be parsed by tools.
With --inline, remove any expanded automatics.
Shows which files are being written, or are the same.
Displays program version and exits.
--write-verilog filename
Write the SystemC interconnections in Verilog format to the specified filename. Note this does not include logic, it only contains module ports and cells.
-M filename
Writes the dependency listing (similar to cpp -M) to the specified filename.
Sets a define to the given value (similar to cpp -D).
-f file
Parse parameters from the given file.


See SystemC::SystemPerl for the language specification.


SystemPerl is part of the <http://www.veripool.org/> free SystemC software tool suite. The latest version is available from CPAN and from <http://www.veripool.org/systemperl>.

Copyright 2001-2010 by Wilson Snyder. This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of either the GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3 or the Perl Artistic License Version 2.0.


Wilson Snyder <wsnyder@wsnyder.org>


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