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Version: 315393 (ubuntu - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


luatex, texlua, texluac - An extended version of pdfTeX using Lua as an embedded scripting language


luatex --lua=FILE [OPTION]... [TEXNAME[.tex]] [COMMANDS]

luatex --lua=FILE [OPTION]... FIRST-LINE

luatex --lua=FILE [OPTION]... &FMT ARGS


Run luaTeX on TEXNAME, usually creating TEXNAME.pdf. Any remaining COMMANDS are processed as luaTeX input, after TEXNAME is read.

Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a backslash, interpret all non-option arguments as a line of luaTeX input.

Alternatively, if the first non-option argument begins with a &, the next word is taken as the FMT to read, overriding all else. Any remaining arguments are processed as above.

If no arguments or options are specified, prompt for input.

If called as texlua it acts as lua interpreter.

If called as texluac it acts as lua bytecode compiler.


This version of luatex understands the following command line options.
--lua=FILE the lua initialization file
--luaonly run a lua file, then exit
--safer disable some easily exploitable lua commands
--fmt=FORMAT load the format file FORMAT
--ini be initex, for dumping formats
--help display this help and exit
--version output version information and exit


pdftex(1), etex(1), aleph(1), lua(1).


The primary authors of luatex are Hartmut Henkel, Taco Hoekwater, and Hans Hagen, with help from Martin Schröder, Karel Skoupy, and Han The Thanh. This man page was written by Norbert Preining for the Debian Operating System.