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Version: 28/02/03 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


webfilter_create - create and populate webfilter database


webfilter_create [ -dc ] database


debug mode: be verbose about what you are doing.
continue even if errors are encountered during a database update.
truncate the database if it already exists. Normally, if the database already exists, it is simply opened, so that webfilter_create adds new entries.
replace entries that alread exist in the database.


Webfilter_create reads standard and creates an populates the database database, specified as the first argument, from it. Every line of input maps to a database record. The lines are whitespace separated fields, the first field being the hostname (or domain name, if beginning with a period). The remaining fields are the categories under which this host/domain is listed. Each line can contain a comment, everything after a hash mark is considered a comment. See webfilter_check(1) for more information about how checks against the database are performed.


webfilter_dump(1), webfilter_add(1), webfilter_delete(1), webfilter_check(1)


Andreas F. Mueller <andreas.mueller@othello.ch>