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Version: 259975 (debian - 07/07/09)

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xxdiff-scripts - Tools that allow automation of tasks with xxdiff


xx-cvs-diff, xx-svn-diff, xx-*


xxdiff(1) is a graphical file and directories comparison and merge tool.

xxdiff-scripts is a collection of python scripts around xxdiff that allows automation of various diff, review and merge tasks using xxdiff.


All the programs in xxdiff-scripts script collection support the usual GNU command line syntax and have a --help option that has detailed information about the options supported.
svn-foreign runs 'svn status' on the given Subversion checkout directories, to find out which files are unaccounted for and allows dealing with the files interactively.
xx-cond-replace is a script to conditionally replace an original by a generated file.
xx-cvs-diff invokes 'cvs diff' with the given file arguments, and allows a xxdiff preview of the current changes made in a cvs checkout.
xx-cvs-revcmp displays file differences with the current or a previous CVS version.
xx-diff-proxy is a wrapper script for xxdiff that presents options that are the same as the diff or diff3 commands. This can be used with programs that expect to call diff/diff3 to present differences to users, and can be configured with a different diff program.
xx-encrypted is a script to compare and merge contents of encrypted files relatively safely.
xx-filter walks a directory hierarchy, selects some files to be processed, performs replacements in files and confirms the application of changes via xxdiff.
xx-find-grep-sed walks a directory hierarchy, selects some files to be processed and performs global sed-like replacements in the set of files.
xx-match is a script for invoking xxdiff on matching files using the basename of the files.
xx-pyline walks a directory hierarchy, selects some files to be processed and runs a given Python code on each line of the input. xxdiff is presented to confirm application of the changes.
xx-rename walks a directory hierarchy, selects some files to be processed and perform a replacement of a one string to another in the files and confirm the application of changes via xxdiff.
xx-sql-schemas dumps the schemas for two PostgreSQL databases, re-orders the contents so that they diff nicely, and spawns xxdiff on the results.
xx-svn-diff invokes xxdiff for all modified files in the given Subversion checkout area.
xx-svn-resolve invokes xxdiff with a 3-way merge view for all files in a Subversion checkout whose conflicts need to be resolved. Depending on the exit status, xxdiff also calls 'svn resolve' on the files.


A description of the Python scripts and infrastructure that is provided around xxdiff, to faciliate implementing processes requiring display and selection of differences.
The above documentation in plain text.
The xxdiff manual page


xxdiff was written by Martin Blais <blais@furius.ca>

This manual page was written by Y Giridhar Appaji Nag <giridhar@appaji.net> for the Debian project (but may be used by others).