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Version: 58987 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 2 (Appels système)


lam_rtrsweep, lam_rtrudie, lam_rtrwipe - Remove LAM trace data.


 int lam_rtrsweep (int node, int list);
 int lam_rtrudie (int node, pid);
 int lam_rtrwipe (int node);


The client functions, lam_rtrsweep(), lam_rtrudie() , and lam_rtrwipe() all remove trace data from the trace daemon on the given node. The functions only differ in scope. lam_rtrsweep() removes all trace data in a given list. If the list number is -1, all lists are selected, making the function equivalent to lam_rtrwipe(), which removes all traces from the specified node. lam_rtrudie() removes all trace data marked with the given process identifier from all lists. If the process identifier is -1, all processes are selected, again making the function equivalent to lam_rtrwipe().


lam_rtrget(2), lam_rtrstore(2)