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Version: 58996 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 2 (Appels système)


lpattach, lpdetach - Attach, detach a LAM process from remote process management.


int lpattach (char *name);
int lpdetach (int pid, int status);


Remote process management allows a process to be selected by other processes throughout the multicomputer for control or monitoring in such functions as rpdoom(2), rpstate(2) and rpspawn(2).

The name argument helps identify the process. It is useful to choose the program name, as found in argv[0], for this argument. The name will be seen in the output of the state(1) command. lpattach() is called by kenter(2) and is not typically called directly.

The function lpdetach() makes a LAM process inaccessible to remote process management and should be called just prior to process termination. The status argument is an exit code. If a parent process is waiting for the calling process to terminate, lpdetach() will pass the termination status back to the parent. lpdetach() is called by kexit(2) and is not typically called directly.

The pid argument makes it possible for one process to remove another from remote process management. This is intended as an emergency clean-up measure. The normal value for this argument is 0, which indicates the action is to be taken on the calling process.


The remote process descriptor table is full.
The process whose process identifier was passed to lpdetach() is not currently being managed.


rpdoom(2), rpstate(2)