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Version: 59038 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 2 (Appels système)


rbfparms, rbfsweep, rbfsweep1, rbfudie, rbfwipe - Control LAM remote buffers.


 #include <bfreq.h>
 int rbfparms (int node, int *parms);
 int rbfsweep (int node);
 int rbfsweep1 (int node, int event);
 int rbfwipe (int node);


The remote function rbfparms() sets overall buffer parameters on the given node.

Updated values are supplied in a buffer parameter structure, bfparms, defined in <bfreq.h>.

 struct bfparms {
           int       bfp_maxspace;
           int       bfp_nspace;

Not all fields in the structure control buffer parameters. The same structure is used to return overall buffer status with rbfstate(2). The controllable fields are listed below. If set to -1, the current value in the remote buffer daemon is maintained, otherwise the value is updated.

maximum space that a buffer daemon will allocate for message buffers

Cleaning Buffers

A prematurely terminated application will frequently leave messages in buffers.

rbfsweep() clears all buffered messages on a given node.

rbfsweep1() clears all messages with a given event on a given node.

rbfwipe() completely resets the state of the buffer daemon on a given node. All buffered messages and any other information are lost.


bfctl(1), rbfstate(2)