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Version: 2009-06-10 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 3 (Bibliothèques de fonctions)


Bio::Graphics::Glyph::ellipse - The "ellipse" glyph


   See L<Bio::Graphics::Panel> and L<Bio::Graphics::Glyph>.


This glyph draws an oval instead of a box; otherwise it is similar to the ``generic'' or ``box'' glyphs. The width of the oval is determined by the feature width, and the height by the -height option.


The following options are standard among all Glyphs. See Bio::Graphics::Glyph for a full explanation.
   Option      Description                      Default
   ------      -----------                      -------
   -fgcolor      Foreground color               black
   -outlinecolor Synonym for -fgcolor
   -bgcolor      Background color               turquoise
   -fillcolor    Synonym for -bgcolor
   -linewidth    Line width                     1
   -height       Height of glyph                10
   -font         Glyph font                     gdSmallFont
   -connector    Connector type                 0 (false)
                 Connector color                black
   -label        Whether to draw a label        0 (false)
   -description  Whether to draw a description  0 (false)
   -hilite       Highlight color                undef (no color)


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