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       Bioperl class for:
         BLAST2  with gaps (Altschul, Madden, Schaeffer, Zhang, Miller, Lipman)
                 Altschul, Stephen F., Thomas L. Madden, Alejandro A. Schaeffer,Jinghui Zhang, Zheng Zhang, Webb Miller, and David J. Lipman (1997), Gapped BLAST and PSI-BLAST: a new generation of protein database search programs,  Nucleic Acids Res. 25:3389-3402.
         (see also:
          for available values):
                 blast_init (String)
                 blast2 (Excl)
                         Blast program
                 nb_proc (Integer)
                 query (Sequence)
                         Sequence File
                         pipe: seqfile
                 start_region (Integer)
                         Start of required region in query sequence (-L)
                 end_region (Integer)
                         End of required region in query sequence (-L)
                 protein_db (Excl)
                         protein db
                 nucleotid_db (Excl)
                         nucleotid db
                 filter (Switch)
                         Filter query sequence (DUST with blastn, SEG with others) (-F)
                 other_filters (Excl)
                         Filtering options (-F must be true)
                 lower_case (Switch)
                         Use lower case filtering (-U)
                 Expect (Integer)
                         Expect: upper bound on the expected frequency of chance occurrence of a set of HSPs (-e)
                 word_size (Integer)
                         Word Size (-W) (zero invokes default behavior)
                 dist_hits (Integer)
                         Multiple Hits window size (zero for single hit algorithm) (-A)
                 extend_hit (Integer)
                         Threshold for extending hits (-f)
                 dropoff_extent (Float)
                         X dropoff for blast extention in bits (0.0 invokes default behavior) (-y)
                 keep_hits (Integer)
                         Number of best hits from region to keep (-K)
                 gapped_alig (Switch)
                         Perform gapped alignment (not available with tblastx) (-g)
                 dropoff (Integer)
                         X dropoff value for gapped alignment (in bits) (-X)
                 dropoff_final (Integer)
                         X dropoff value for final alignment (in bits) (-Z)
                 mismatch (Integer)
                         Penalty for a nucleotide mismatch (blastn) (-q)
                 match (Integer)
                         Reward for a nucleotide match (blastn) (-r)
                 matrix (Excl)
                         Matrix (-M)
                 open_a_gap (Integer)
                         Cost to open a gap (-G)
                 extend_a_gap (Integer)
                         Cost to extend a gap (-E)
                 gc_query (Excl)
                         Query Genetic code to use (blastx) (-Q)
                 gc_db (Excl)
                         DB Genetic code (for tblast[nx] only) (-D)
                 strand (Excl)
                         Query strand to search against database (for blastx and tblastx) (-S)
                 Descriptions (Integer)
                         How many short descriptions? (-v)
                 Alignments (Integer)
                         How many alignments? (-b)
                 view_alignments (Excl)
                         Alignment view options  (not with blastx/tblastx) (-m)
                 show_gi (Switch)
                         Show GI's in deflines (only available for NCBI db such as nrprot) (-I)
                 seqalign_file (OutFile)
                         SeqAlign file (-J option must be true) (-O)
                 believe (Switch)
                         Believe the query defline (-J)
                 htmloutput (Switch)
                         Html output
                 html4blast_input (String)
                 external_links (Switch)
                         Use external web sites for databases entries retrieval links (-e instead of -s)
                 one_HSP_per_line (Switch)
                         Draw one HSP per line in image instead of putting all HSP in one line (-l)
                 image_query (Switch)
                         Generate images names based on corresponding query (-q)
                 restrict_db (InFile)
                         Restrict search of database to GI's in file (-l)
                 psi_checkpoint (InFile)
                         PSI-TBLASTN checkpoint file (-R)
                         pipe: psiblast_matrix
                 txtoutput (String)


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  Title   : new()
  Usage   : my $blast2 = Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::blast2->new($location, $email, @params);
  Function: Creates a Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::blast2 object.
            This method should not be used directly, but rather by 
            a Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::Pise instance.
            my $factory = Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::Pise->new();
            my $blast2 = $factory->program('blast2');
  Example : -
  Returns : An instance of Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::blast2.