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       Bioperl class for:
         gff2ps  Produces PostScript graphical output from GFF-files (Josep Francesc ABRIL FERRANDO, Roderic GUIGO SERRA)
         (see also:
          for available values):
                 gff2ps (String)
                 outfile (OutFile)
                 gff_file (InFile)
                         GFF file
                 page_size (String)
                         Modify page size (-D)
                 orientation (Switch)
                         Switches page orientation to Portrait (default is Landscape) (-p)
                 split (Integer)
                         Sets how many pages are needed to split your output (-P)
                 zoom_first (Integer)
                         Zoom first nucleotide (default is sequence origin) (-S)
                 zoom_last (Integer)
                         Zoom last nucleotide (default is sequence length) (-E)
                 blocks (Integer)
                         Sets blocks per page (-B)
                 nuc_per_line (Integer)
                         Sets nucleotides per line (default is the largest sequence position from input gff-files) (-N)
                 blocks_from_left_to_right (Switch)
                         Blocks from left to right and from top to bottom (default is top to bottom first) (-b)
                 no_headers (Switch)
                         Switch off Header (Title area) (-L)
                 set_title (String)
                         Defining title (default is input gff filename) (-T)
                 no_page_nb (Switch)
                         Does not show page numbering (-l)
                 no_date (Switch)
                         Does not show date (-O)
                 no_time (Switch)
                         Does not show time (-o)
                 no_copyright (Switch)
                         Switch off CopyRight line on plot (-a)
                 fg_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for FOREGROUND (-G)
                 bg_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for BACKGROUND (-G)
                 f0_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for frame 0 (-0)
                 f1_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for frame 1 (-1)
                 f2_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for frame 2 (-2)
                 f_color_name (String)
                         Sets color for frame . (-3)
                 major_tickmarks (Integer)
                         Number of major tickmarks per line (-M)
                 major_tickmarks_scale (Integer)
                         Major tickmarks scale in nucleotides (-K)
                 minor_tickmarks (Integer)
                         Number of minor tickmarks between major tickmarks (-m)
                 minor_tickmarks_scale (Integer)
                         Minor tickmarks scale in nucleotides (-k)
                 no_forward_strand (Switch)
                         Switch off displaying forward-strand(Watson) elements (-w)
                 no_reverse_strand (Switch)
                         Switch off displaying reverse-strand(Crick) elements (-c)
                 no_strand_independent (Switch)
                         Switch off displaying strand-independent elements (-i)
                 no_label (Switch)
                         Switch off labels for element positions (-n)
                 default_custom_file (Switch)
                         Create a new default customfile (.gff2psrc) (-D)
                 user_custom_file (InFile)
                         Your custom rc file (.gff2psrc)


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Catherine Letondal ( Copyright (C) 2003 Institut Pasteur & Catherine Letondal. All Rights Reserved.

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  Title   : new()
  Usage   : my $gff2ps = Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::gff2ps->new($location, $email, @params);
  Function: Creates a Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::gff2ps object.
            This method should not be used directly, but rather by 
            a Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::Pise instance.
            my $factory = Bio::Tools::Run::AnalysisFactory::Pise->new();
            my $gff2ps = $factory->program('gff2ps');
  Example : -
  Returns : An instance of Bio::Tools::Run::PiseApplication::gff2ps.