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Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle - I/O handle logger for the Courier::Filter framework


     use Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle;
     my $logger = Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle->new(
         handle => $handle
     # For use in an individual filter module:
     my $module = Courier::Filter::Module::My->new(
         logger => $logger,
     # For use as a global Courier::Filter logger object:
     my $filter = Courier::Filter->new(
         logger => $logger,


This class is an I/O handle logger class for use with Courier::Filter and its filter modules.


The following constructor is provided:
new(%options): returns Courier::Filter::Logger::IOHandle
Creates a new logger that logs messages as lines to an I/O handle.

%options is a list of key/value pairs representing any of the following options:

Required. The I/O handle or IO::Handle object to which log messages should be written.
A boolean value controlling whether every log message line should be prefixed with a timestamp (in local time, in ISO format). Defaults to false.

Instance methods

The following instance methods are provided:
log_error($text): throws Perl exceptions
Logs the error message given as $text (a string which may contain newlines). Prefixes each line with a timestamp if the "timestamp" option has been set through the constructor.
log_rejected_message($message, $reason): throws Perl exceptions
Logs the Courier::Message given as $message as having been rejected due to $reason (a string which may contain newlines).


Courier::Filter::Logger, Courier::Filter::Overview.

For AVAILABILITY, SUPPORT, and LICENSE information, see Courier::Filter::Overview.


Julian Mehnle <>


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