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Version: 2009-08-19 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 3 (Bibliothèques de fonctions)


Devel::Caller::IgnoreNamespaces - make available a magic caller() which can ignore namespaces that you tell it about


     package Foo::Bar
     use Devel::Caller::IgnoreNamespaces;


If your module should be ignored by caller(), just like Hook::LexWrap is by its magic caller(), then call this module's register() subroutine with its name.


register('packagename', 'anotherpackage', ...)

Takes a list of packages that caller() will ignore in future.


Please report any bugs using <>. The best bug reports include a file with a test in it that fails with the current code and will pass once the bug is fixed.

I welcome feedback, especially constructive criticism, by email.

Feature requests are more likely to be accepted if accompanied by a patch and tests.

This module is maintained by David Cantrell <> and based almost entirely on code by Damian Conway.

Copyright 2001-2008 Damian Conway

Documentation and tests and some code copyright 2009 David Cantrell

You may use, modify and distribute this code under either the Artistic Licence or the GNU GPL version 2. See the ARTISTIC.txt or GPL2.txt files for the full texts of the licences.