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Version: 65258 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


audispd - the audit event dispatcher configuration file


audispd.conf is the file that controls the configuration of the audit event dispatcher. The options that are available are as follows:
This is a numeric value that tells how big to make the internal queue of the audit event dispatcher. A bigger queue lets it handle a flood of events better, but could hold events that are not processed when the daemon is terminated. If you get messages in syslog about events getting dropped, increase this value. The default value is 64.
This option controls how computer node names are inserted into the audit event stream. It has the following choices: none, hostname, fqd, numeric, and user. None means that no computer name is inserted into the audit event. hostname is the name returned by the gethostname syscall. The fqd means that it takes the hostname and resolves it with dns for a fully qualified domain name of that machine. Numeric is similar to fqd except it resolves the IP address of the machine. User is an admin defined string from the name option. The default value is none.
This is the admin defined string that identifies the machine if user is given as the name_format option.