• Learn Linux, 101: Automate system administration tasks by scheduling jobs (IBM Developerworks)
    Learn how to run the same job every day, week, or month. And learn how to schedule a single job when system usage is low, or when you would ratherspend your time in other ways. You can use the material in this tutorial to study for the LPI 102 exam for Linux system administrator certification or to learn for fun.
  • Put a Linux-based chess app on the cloud with Bluemix and IBM Containers (IBM Developerworks)
    Build a Docker container that uses WebSockets to expose an existing Linux CLI chess engine as a cloud service. This tutorial shows step-by-step the process for building a Docker container and deploying it as a running container on IBM Containers for Bluemix. It includes sample code and a JavaScript chess game that runs in a browser and illustrates how to consume the WebSocket-based service. You can apply the methods demonstrated to containerize almost any pipe-based Linux application and leverage them as cloud services on Bluemix.
  • Using Trusted Boot on IBM OpenPOWER servers (IBM Developerworks)
    IBM OpenPOWER servers provide a firmware level security feature known as Trusted Boot. Trusted Boot helps defend against a boot code cyberattack by helping to verify that your server is running only authorized firmware. Integrity of your firmware is vital to the security of your system. Trusted Boot works by taking measurements of the executable boot code as the server boots and recording these measurements to a dedicated hardware security module known as the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Together with a process known as remote attestation, you can use the data in the TPM to verify the integrity of your server's boot code.
  • Quantum computing for everyone, a programmer’s perspective (IBM Developerworks)
    About a week ago, IBM launched Quantum Experience. The cornerstone of this initiative is to make a real, working quantum computer available for anyone. This blog discusses Quantum Experience, gives the basics while trying to dwell as little as possible on Algebra or Physics and, at the end, we’ll build a simple algorithm and discuss the results.
  • vCPU hotplug and hotunplug using libvirt v2 (IBM Developerworks)
    This article talks about how to perform a virtual processor (vCPU) hotplug/hotunplug operation using libvirt version 2 in a PPC64LE environment.
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