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Version: 265030 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


hobbitgraph.cgi - CGI to generate Xymon trend graphs


hobbitgraph [options]


hobbitgraph.cgi is invoked as a CGI script via the hobbitgraph.sh CGI wrapper.

hobbitgraph.cgi is passed a QUERY_STRING environment variable with the following parameters:

host Name of the host to generate a graph for

service Name of the service to generate a graph for

disp Display-name of the host, used on the generated graphs instead of hostname.

graph Can be "hourly", "daily", "weekly" or "monthly" to select the time period that the graph covers.

first Used to split multi-graphs into multiple graphs. This causes hobbitgraph.cgi to generate only the graphs starting with the "first'th" graph and continuing for "count".

count Number of graphs in a multi-graph.

upper Set the upper limit of the graph. See rrdgraph(1) for a description of the "-u" option.

lower Set the lower limit of the graph. See rrdgraph(1) for a description of the "-l" option.

graph_start Set the starttime of the graph. This is used in zoom-mode.

graph_end Set the end-time of the graph. This is used in zoom-mode.

action=menu Generate an HTML page with links to 4 graphs, representing the hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs. Doesn't actually generate any graphs, only the HTML that links to the graphs.

action=selzoom Generate an HTML page with link to single graph, and with JavaScript code that lets the user select part of the graph for a zoom-operation. The JavaScript invokes hobbitgraph.cgi with "action=showzoom" to generate the zoomed graph webpage.

action=showzoom Generate HTML with a link to the zoomed graph image. This link goes to an "action=view" invocation of hobbitgraph.cgi.

action=view Generate a single graph image.


Loads the graph configuration file from FILENAME. If not specified, the file $BBHOME/etc/hobbitgraph.cfg is used. See the hobbitgraph.cfg(5) for details about this file.
Loads the environment settings defined in FILENAME before executing the CGI.
The top-level directory for the RRD files. If not specified, the directory given by the BBRRDS environment is used.
Instead of returning the image via the CGI interface (i.e. on stdout), save the generated image to FILENAME.
Enable debugging output.


QUERY_STRING Provided by the webserver CGI interface, this decides what graph to generate.


hobbitgraph.cfg: The configuration file determining how graphs are generated from RRD files.


hobbitgraph.cfg(5), xymon(7), rrdtool(1)