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Version: 335465 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 1 (Commandes utilisateur)


receive - receive files from the sendfile spool


receive [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [ -Z spool ] [ -q ] [ -ffrom ] file [...]
receive -n [ -d ] [ -r ] [ -k ] [ -P ] [ -S ] [ -Z spool ] [ -q ] file-number [...]
receive [ -s ] [ -l ] [ -L ] [ -R ] [ -ffrom ]
receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] [ -f from ] file [...]
receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] [ -f from ] -n file-number [...]
receive -b user[@host] [ -k ] -a


receive files from the sendfile spool which has been sent to you.

If there is already a file with the same name you will be prompted for overwriting or renaming.

Allowed wildcards in file names are: * ? [abc] [^abc]
CAUTION: you have to put wildcards and other special characters in '' quotes to hide them for interpretation by your shell.


receive file number(s)
delete instead of receive
receive (or delete or bounce) all files
rename before receiving
keep files in spool after receiving
pipe files to stdout
receive only pgp-signed files
list files in short format
list files
list files and look inside archives, too
renumber files in spool
bounce (forward) files to another recipient
quiet mode: no questions asked
all actions refer only to files from this user
-Z spool
specify an alternate spool directory


receive -L
list all files in long format.

receive 'blubb*'
receive all files starting with string "blubb".

receive -daf
delete all files from sites.

receive -b framstag@bofh '*.jpg'
bounce all *.jpg-files to framstag@bofh.


The sendfile spool directory.
A log of the last transfers.
Users which are not allowed to receive files or messages (set by root).




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