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Version: 301360 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


bld.conf - Configuration file for BLD


bld.conf consists of lines used to set various configuration options for bld. The lines are processed in order of appearance. Options set via bld.conf are overriden by bld command line options. If two lines assign different values to the same variables, the last is used. Blank lines and lines beginning with a `#' are ignored.

bld.conf lines have the following format:

    variable = value

variable can be on of the following:

daemon: (0 or 1) fork to background or not.
address: IP address to bind to.
port: port to listen to.
min_interval: minimum time interval before blacklisting.
max_submissions: maximum submissions in time interval.
ip_list_size: IP list size.
blacklist_size: blacklist size.
blacklist_expiration: blacklist expiration (seconds).
log_level: log level.
user: user to run as.
group: group to run as.
client_timeout: client idle timeout before closing connection (seconds).
iplist_dump: file to dump IP list to.
blacklist_dump: file to dump blacklist to.
pid_filename: PID filename.
acl_filename: ACL filename.
whitelist_filename: whitelist filename.
notifies_to: comma separated hosts (`hostname' or `hostname:port') to notify when a new address is inserted into the blacklist


You need to completely restart bld after any modification of this file.




bld(8) bld_acl.conf(5) bld_whitelist.conf(5)


Olivier Beyssac <>