Langue: en

Version: 384795 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


cas.conf - Cas configuration file.


cas.conf is the configuration file for cas.

[settings] OPTIONS

casuser: (Required) User to run cas, recommended to run as someone other than root.

sshkey: (Required) Used for ssh negotiation, these are generated with ssh-keygen.

kernels: (Required) Describes the location of where kernel-debuginfo packages are to be stored. This can range anywhere from an nfs mount, samba share, local disk or any other type of media the cas server can access.

regexExcludeDir: Directories that may be within the search path that doesn’t need to be included. This is a shell format so globs like */*/data are accepted.

regexExcludeFile: Any files that need to be excluded from the search path. This is also a shell format */*/badfile.txt.

regexType: (Required) Defines the regex syntax to use within find. Doing a man find and searching for regextype will give you the allowable syntaxess.

rpmFilters: (Required) This is a emacs based regular expression which is essentially passed to a find command to locate the various kernel-debuginfo packages defined in kernels directive.

debugLevel: As the name suggest it will set the debug level for CAS output. Currently the only accepted values are DEBUG|INFO.

workDirectory: (Required) Defines where all processed cores will be placed. This mount point will need to have the most storage assigned to it. Depending on how many cores are processed in a given timeframe this area will fill up quickly.

smtphost: If wanting output of CAS processing email to a certain address this directive needs to be set. Note that the mail server should not require smtp authentication.

database: (Required) Define where the sqlite database will reside. Note the casuser will need to have read/write access to this database.

[maintenance] OPTIONS

purgeLimit: Define amount of day(s) back wish to keep physical data on system.

autoPurge: Yes/No setting if wanting cas-admin to auto purge stale data on each run.

[advanced] OPTIONS

crash_32: Primarily used on x86_64 systems to process x86 cores. If x86 version of crash is installed this directive can be set to the crash binary and CAS will automatically process x86 cores on a x86_64 machine. Note this is only available if the CAS server is a x86_64 machine.

buffersize: Extend the read buffer when analyzing a core for a timestamp. Note this is normally needed for itanium cores, otherwise, the default is fine.




cas(1) cas-admin(1) Full documentation located in /usr/share/doc/cas-<version>.