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~/.curves - CurVeS preferences file




In the user's home directory, the .curves file configures preferences for the CurVeS UI to CVS version control. The hash character '#' all characters that follow up to the end of line are ignored. Blank lines are ignored, too. The significant lines in the file have the format of

<variable> = <value>

where the variable identifier contains no whitespace and the value is either a decimal number, a hexadecimal number prefixed by 0x, or a string comprised of the first non-whitespace character after the equal sign and all characters up to the end of the line.

In addition, boolean options may take any of the strings "yes", "y", "yep", "true", "t" for a truth value and "no", "nope", "n", "false", or "f" for a false value.


ColorScheme                   1
Defines a color scheme for coding the file listing. The color coding
provides a redundant description of file status. Scheme 0 looks good on the Linux console. Scheme 1 is better for X-Windows XTerms. Scheme 2 is monochrome.
CommitCommentEditor           line
Specifies the name/method of entering commit comments. This option
may take any of the values "line" to use the standard single line edit, "builtin" which *will eventually* invoke a simple windowed editor, "editor" to use the default user-specified editor, or "cvs" to use whatever method is defined for CVS.
Debug                       0
When non-zero, this option enables trace debug output. Trace
information is written to the file named by the option DebugOutput.
DebugOutput ./log
Pathname of file where trace debug output will be written. The Debug option controls whether or not trace information is written to this log file.
DebugTimestamps             none
Describes the method, if any, of timestamping trace debug output
messages. This option may take any of the values "tod" for time of day, "relative" for a measure of the time elapsed since the previous trace message, or "none".
Editor                      $(EDITOR) or $(VISUAL) or vi
Describes the editor used to edit the configuration file from the
File->Options command.
InhibitAltCharset             yes
Inhibits the use of the termcap/terminfo defined alternate
characterset for drawing lines and corners. Define this to use ASCII characters instead of the alternate character set. If the termcap/terminfo record doesn't define an alternate character set, ASCII will be used anyway.
SenseBinaryFiles            yes
Enables the automatic determination of new files as either binary of
text. When disabled new files are marked as Text but this designation may be changed with the CVS->BinaryToggle command.
Sort                        ca
Defines the default sort order for files within a directory. Each
letter corresponds to the sort keys in descending order of importance. This sort order may be changed for the current CurVeS session by using the Sort command.

The keys are as follows:

sort alphabetically without regard to case. Thus 'AXE' sorts after 'abe'.
sort alphabetically according to ASCII lexical order. Thus 'AXE' sorts before 'abe'.
sort by file classification mark. The order of these marks is defined internally to CurVeS and is from most interesting to least interesting. Source controlled files are more interesting than uncontrolled files. Edited files are more interesting that unedited, added, removed, or out-of-sync files.
sort newest files first.
sort oldest files first.
sort longest files first, those with the greatest file size.
sort shortest files first, those with the smallest file size.
cvs                         cvs
Sets the name of the local cvs program. This is the exact name given
to the operating system when executing CVS. The program must be either be in the path, or the name must be an absolute path. To enable compression for client/server connections, add the -z# switch to this preference, e.g. "cvs -z9".
Sets the name of the CVS server program used to access remote repositories via rsh. This preference overrides the environment variable CVS_SERVER. The default value is a blank string which will not override the environment variable. It is best to use the environment variable instead of using this preference so that the CVS command line operates correctly. This preferences tends to be most useful when debugging CurVeS.
more                        more
Sets the name of the local pager program. This is the exact name
given to the operating system when using more. The program must be either be in the path, or the name must be an absolute path. The pager is used when showing CVS command output to the user. The program must act like a filter.


Marc Singer <>