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Version: 2010-02-01 (fedora - 01/12/10)

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epgsearchcats.conf - Configuration of the additional EPG information


Some EPG providers deliver additional EPG information like the type of event, the video and audio format, cast,...

Using tvm2vdr or epg4vdr you can import this into vdr. To use this information with search timers one has to configure it with the file epgsearchcats.conf in your plugins config directory.

Sample files for epgsearchcats.conf are delivered with the plugin in the directory 'conf'.

Simply copy the one that fits for you to your plugins config directory with filename epgsearchcats.conf and then have a look to the search timers edit menu (after a restart of VDR).

Since setting up a new epgsearchcats.conf is a lot of work, I've added a small tool 'createcats', that makes the biggest part of the job. It should have been compiled with the plugin and exists in the sources directory.

See createcats(1) for information about how to use it.

Internals: epgsearch scans the summary of an event for the category name followed by ': ' for all categories that have a corresponding value set in the search timer. The search is case sensitive regarding the category name as also the value.


  ID|category name|name in menu|values separated by ','(option)|searchmode(option)
  - 'ID' should be a unique positive integer
    (changing the id later on will force you to re-edit your search timers!)
  - 'category name' is the name as delivered by the EPG provider, e.g. 'Genre'
  - 'name in menu' is the name displayed in epgsearch.
  - 'values' is an optional list of possible values   
  - 'searchmode' specifies the search mode:
    text comparison:
     0  - the whole term must appear as substring
     1  - all single terms (delimiters are ',', ';', '|' or '~')
          must exist as substrings. This is the default search mode.
     2  - at least one term (delimiters are ',', ';', '|' or '~')   
          must exist as substring.
     3  - matches exactly
     4  - regular expression
    numerical comparison:
     10 - less
     11 - less or equal
     12 - greater
     13 - greater or equal
     14 - equal
     15 - not equal


(Lines are shortened for correct displaying)

Example for EPG from Ho.rzu, downloaded from epgdata.com with tvmovie2vdr.

  4|Audio|Audio|Dolby Surround,Dolby,Hoerfilm,Stereo|2
  9|Rating|Bewertung|Grobetaartig besonders wertvoll,Annehmbar,Schwach|2


epgsearch(1), "epgsearchcats.conf(5)", createcats(1)

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Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>


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Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Christian Wieninger

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The author can be reached at cwieninger@gmx.de

The project's page is at http://winni.vdr-developer.org/epgsearch

The MD5 code is derived from the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest Algorithm.