Langue: en

Version: 301163 (debian - 07/07/09)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


frox.conf - configuration file for frox ftp proxy.


The frox configuration file consists of a series of option settings. Each setting consists of a (case insensitive) option name, followed by the value(s) for that option.

Values are separated from each other and their option name by whitespace. Optiions which are strings (eg. filenames, usernames etc.) may be quoted with "" if they contain whitespace. Blank lines and lines beginning with a # are ignored.

For documentation on individual options please read the sample config file which is well documented


If the configuration file is changed and frox is send SIGHUP then some parts of it may be reread.

Options which require special privileges(eg. Chroot, User, TransparentData) and options which refer to the file system (eg. LogFile, CacheDir). will not be changed. If the program is running chrooted and with dropped priviledges then it is probably unable to change these, and I don't want to give incentives to run it as root.

Note that in order to find the config file for rereading it should a) be readable by the user which frox drops to, b) be within the chroot jail, and c) have been specified with an absolute path.




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