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Version: 301091 (debian - 07/07/09)

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gopherrc - configuration file for gopher(1)


The gopherrc file contains a list of directives that alter the behaviour of the gopher(1) client. It is composed of lines of the form:

Token: Value

Tokens are case insensitive and the value field will change, depending on the token. A pound sign ("#") at the beginning of a line signifies a comment line.

Gopherrc files are used in a number of places. There is a global gopherrc file (called gopherrc). This is usually placed in a systemwide directory. A file with the same format called remotegopher.rc is also used by the gopher client when using the -r switch.

Also, an individual has their own customized version of this file in their home directory in the file .gopherrc. On VMS this file is called GOPHERRC.

All of these files use the format described below.

Most people will set the values in this file by pressing the 'O' key to set options in the curses gopher client, rather than editing this file directly. People considering editing this file on VMS should make sure their editor preserves the Stream_LF format of the file.

Quick pseudo grammar

 map: <content type>,<display command>,<print command>
 SearchBolding: <yes|no>

The following tokens are recognized


maps a content type (such as text/plain, or image/gif) to commands to execute for displaying the document or printing the document, i.e.

The content type, display command, and printing command are separated by commas.

The sequence of %s is replaced with the filename of a temporary file containing the document to be printed or viewed.

If the command starts with the vertical bar (|) the command will be executed immediately and the document will be sent to the commands standard input. Note this feature does not work on VMS.

If the display command is set to 'builtin', then the text file pager inside the gopher client will be used to display the item.


controls the clients display of search terms. If the value is 'yes', then search words will be bolded. Otherwise they'll be left alone.


The bookmarks in .link format follow. For more information on the format of a .link file, consult the gopherd(8) manual page.

Sample gopherrc file:
 map: text/plain,builtin,lpr %s
 map: image/gif,xv %s,
 Name=Bookmark #1


Media Type Registration Procedure, March 1994, RFC 1590 gopher(1),gopherd(8)