Langue: en

Version: 2009-02-26 (CentOS - 06/07/09)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


ipmiconsole.conf - specify alternate default values to ipmiconsole


The ipmiconsole configuration file can be used to set default values to ipmiconsole when values aren't set on the command line. This allows users to avoid typing in a long list of command line options everytime ipmiconsole is executed. It can also be used to hide usernames and passwords from the ps(1) command (See KNOWN ISSUES in ipmiconsole(1) for details).

By default, the configuration file is stored at /etc/ipmiconsole.conf. But users may select a different configuration file at the command line through the --config option.

The user can still override the configuration file values by specifying the options on the command line. The configuration file does not stop a user from specifying any options on the command line.


The following are a list of configuration options that can be specified in the configuration file. Each configuration option must be listed on a separate line. Arguments for an option are separated by any amount of whitespace. Multiple arguments are also separated by whitespace. Comments can be marked by using the pound sign ("#") character, and lines can be continued on the next using backslash ("\").

Note that it is possible to list the username and password in the configuration file. If this data is stored in a configuration file, system administrators should limit access to this file.

hostname host
Specify the default hostname.
username str
Specify the default username to use.
password str
Specify the default password to use.
k_g str
Specify the BMC key (K_g) to use. Prefix with '0x' to enter the key in hex.
privilege-level str
Specify the default privilege type to use. Ipmiconsole currently supports the following privilege types: "user", "operator", and "admin".
cipher-suite-id str
Specify the default Cipher Suite ID to use: "auto", "0", "1", "2", "3", "6", "7", "8", "11", 12"
dont-steal enable|disable
Specify if in use SOL sessions should not be stolen by default.
lock-memory enable|disable
Specify if memory should be locked by default.
workaround-flags str
Specify default workaround flags to use. See ipmiconsole(8) for list of workarounds that can be specified.