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latd.conf - LAT configuration file




/etc/latd.conf is a shell script (run by /bin/sh) that is run when latd is started up using the latcp -s command.
It contains commands used to customise lat for your site and usually consists of a list of latcp commands.
latd.conf is run with a minimal PATH and a minimal environment. The variable $LATCP points to the latcp binary used to invoke the script.


 # /etc/latd.conf
 # This is a sample configuration file for latd
 # it is run as s shell script from latcp -s with a minimal
 # environment and PATH. latcp should be invoked using the
 # environment variable $LATCP.
 # You can fiddle with all the latd parameters you like in here, 
 # the first service announcement will not be made until this 
 # script completes.
 # Set the multicast timeout to 30 seconds
 $LATCP -m 30 
 # Add another login service
 $LATCP -A -a ZAPHOD -r 100
 # Add a queued reverse LAT service to a printer on a DECserver
 $LATCP -A -p /dev/lat/printer -Hdecserver -Vdecserver -Q
 # Only advertise our service in groups 1-10 and 200
 $LATCP -G 1-10,200


latcp(8), latd(8)