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Version: 301841 (debian - 07/07/09)

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mailreader.cfg - configuration files for


Directory /etc/mailreader contains config files for system. Most options are in /etc/mailreader/server.cfg

NEED TO be ended with slash ( / ) otherwise mailreader will not work.


Path to html template files used by cgi script to generate dynamic html pages. This is local path (not relative to DocumentRoot or cgi-bin).
The logs/ directory will have an index-file (index.html) and a bunch of parsed logfiles in html and raw format. This just defines the name of the index-file (Default.htm for IIS etc) so that it can be accessed with just blah/logs/ instead of blah/logs/theindexfile.hmtl.

For Debian this doesn't work because logs are outside the
and cannot be accessed via web browser

Path to graphics directory. (can be relative to DocumentRoot or full URL path with server name).
Path to temporary storage (local). Directory is used as temporary storage for user informations. It should have 0600 access mode and owned by user which runs http daemon. (Default: www-data).
Path to temporary storage (local). Directory is used as temporary storage for viewed mails. It should have 0600 access mode and owned by user which runs http daemon. (Default: www-data).
Defines how many characters are used for hashing in /var/lib/mailreader/cache directory Attention! Please modify it only during first installation! (default=2)
Path to local directory for temporary storage outgoing mails. It should have 0600 access mode and owned by user which runs http daemon. (Default: www-data).
Path to local directory containing advertisements. Graphics for advertisements have to go to DocumentRoot dir. Please check /var/lib/mailreader/ads/debian/ad.cfg and /var/lib/mailreader/ads/debian/ad.html for reference.
Default language, which is proposed to use during first use of Mailreader
The login page still will be using default language set during instalation. If you want to change it you need to change LanguageOptions in /etc/mailreader/main.cfg
Local path to directory containing mailreader.log file. This file have to be writeable for user running http daemon.
Account receiving feedback emails from user (listed on login page)
Default addressbook entries that are used when the user logs in the first time

AddressBook=Rulez: +sUcks:


has files that contain user's passwords (with REALLY STUPID encoding). If that one is 1, then the directory contains not only passwords but files that look like passwords that really aren't. Mind you, on the server side there is
link between a password-file and rest of the user's stuff. Password file will be deleted after closing session (or - if user quits without logout - ater 2 hours). Temp directory should have 0600 access mode.
List (separated by a comma) of SMTP servers allowed to use for sending outgoing mails. First server is default one.
Some SMTP servers only let you in if your HELO domain is correct. Normally Mailreader uses users mailserver domain as
, but since some servers refuse those this will make it possible to lie.
SMTP server requires MAIL FROM , usually Mailreader just uses the users email address, but sometimes the server requires something else. This doesn't actually affect the reply address of the email, or anything else. It's just an convenient way to lie to the mailserver.
If set, sends full http header including HTTP/1.0 200
Default POP3 server showed in loginpage. Please consider modification of /usr/lib/mailreader/html/login.html to restrict using Mailreader to specific POP3 servers.
You can find sample file in /usr/share/doc/mailreader/login.html - find line with configServer text.
List of POP3 servers allowed to be reached from Mailreader Please note, that if someone enters an illegal POP3 server in login page program just exits without any note.
???? Doesn't work It's just domain names separated with a comma. If the user is within the domains listed here, no problem. If not, the user is silently logged into the main site :-).
if this is 0 the the user is NOT logged into any other site but given an "access denied" instead.
Maximum time of single session (in hours). After given time user will be logget out.
Turn advertisements off.
URL to http page showed after user logout.
Copied from original server.conf: Desable reverse DNS lookup on login


mailreader.config (5) and


This manual page was written by
Wojciech Jeczmien <>,
for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).