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Version: JULY 2001 (fedora - 06/07/09)

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mwmrc - The M*tif Window Manager configuration file


The LessTif window manager mwm supports both a global configuration file /etc/X11/mwm/system.mwmrc and a per-user configation file ~/.mwmrc.


Each mwm configuration file consist of blocks of bindings. Each block consists of a block type keyword, a name and a set of entries between curly braces (`{' and '}').

An exclamation mark (`!') introduces a comment. Comments extend to the end of the line.

Block types

There are three types of blocks:
Menu bindings
Button bindings
Key bindings
Menu bindings are introduced by the Menu keyword. The generic form of the entries is label mnemonic accelerator function . Both mnemonic and accelerator may be empty. For example:
"Foo bar"      _R      Alt<Key>F5      f.restore

Button bindings

Button bindings are introduced by the Buttons keyword. The entries each are Button name Context Function . For example:

<Btn3Down>     icon|frame      f.post_wmenu

Key bindings

Key bindings are very similar to button bindings. The entries each are Key name Context Function . For example:
Alt<Key>Tab    root|icon|window        f.next_key


A label is either a plain string, or a bitmap. Bitmaps are indicated as "@" followed by the filename. For example:
mailer @fortytwo.bmp


A mnemonic is an underscore ("_") followed by a single character. For example:


An accelerator is a key name.

Button name

A button name is Btn followed by the number (1..5) and an action (Up, Down, Click, Click2); for example:


A context is a single string consisting of bar (`|') separated object names (root, icon, menub, minimizeb, maximizeb , window, title, frame, border); for example:


A function is a string starting with "f.". The functions are: f.beep, f.circle_down, f.circle_up, f.desk, f.exec, f.focus_color, f.focus_key, f.goto_page, f.kill, f.lower, f.maximize,, f.minimize, f.move, f.next_cmap, f.next_key, f.nop, f.normalize, f.normalize_and_raise, f.pack_icons, f.pass_keys, f.post_wmenu, f.prev_cmap, f.prev_key, f.quit_mwm, f.raise, f.raise_lower, f.refresh, f.refresh_win, f.resize, f.restart, f.restore, f.restore_and_raise, f.screen, f.send_msg, f.separator, f.set_behavior, f.title, f.toggle_page, f.window_list.


For a complete example, check out /etc/X11/mwm/system.mwmrc or look at the system.mwmrc distributed with the LessTif sources.


mwm was written by the LessTif project, and others. This manpage was written by Ray Dassen <>.