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Version: 65376 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


nbsmtprc - The no-brainer SMTP configuration file


Please note that this file is only read when no -n or -N options are passed to nbSMTP.

The nbsmtprc file consists of a series of option pairs. Each line may contain one of those pairs. keys and values are separated by using the equal sign ("=").

The pound sign ("#") is the "comment" characer. All text after that sign will be ignored.


One or more of these options may be used:

 Type: string
 Default: (none)
This is the host to relay messages to. No default value. Required.
 Type: string
 Default: (none)
This is the address to send in MAIL FROM command. No default value. Required.
 Type: string
 Default: machine's hostname
Name to send in the HELO/EHLO greeting command. Defaults to the machine's local hostname.
 Type: string
 Default: (none)
SASL User name. No default value.
 Type: string
 Default: (none)
SASL Password. No default value.
 Type: string
 Default: plain ( AUTH PLAIN )
SASL Mechanism to use. Defaults to 'plain' (AUTH PLAIN). If set to 'login', AUTH LOGIN will be used. If set to 'crammd5' and compiled with --enable-ssl, AUTH CRAM-MD5 will be used.
 Type: int
 Default: 25 - 465
Port to use to connect the relayhost. Defaults to 25 if no port is specified or if use_starttls is specified. Defaults to 465 if use_tls is True and use_starttls is False.
 Type: boolean
 Default: False
Whether to use TLS to connect. Possible values are True or False. Defaults to False but if use_starttls is set to True, use_tls will be set to True.
 Type: boolean
 Default: False
Whether to use STARTTLS command. Possible values are True or False. Defaults to False. When set to True, use_tls is automatically set to True.
 Type: int
 Default: 0
Whether to activate debug messages. If set to 1 LOG_DEBUG messages will be sent to syslog. If set to 2, messages will be printed to STDERR, but no message will be sent to syslog, useful when testing. The default value (0) will generate just the needed messages and send them to syslog. If you set this to >2 passwords won't be masked when printing to STDERR. They'll be masked if they are sent to syslog.



nbSMTP Home Page: http://nbsmtp.ferdyx.org


Please report bugs to <nbsmtp@ferdyx.org>


Fernando J. Pereda <ferdy@ferdyx.org>

Ricardo Cervera Navarro <ricardo@zonasiete.org> (Retired)