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Version: 2010-02-01 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


noannounce.conf - list of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD


This file contains a list of events that have been marked to not be announced via OSD by the search timer background thread.

If the user presses one of the keys 'Ok', '0', ... '9' while the announcement of an event is displayed, he will be asked if further announcements of this event should be disabled for ever (user hit '0' or 'Ok') or for the next 'x' days (user hit '1' to '9'). After pressing 'Ok' again, this setting will be stored.


Events are stored one per line, where the fields are separated with ':'.

The following fields exists:

   1 - title
   2 - short text
   3 - channel ID
   4 - start time
   5 - next announce time



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Mike Constabel <epgsearch (at) constabel (dot) net>


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