Langue: en

Version: November 2003 (fedora - 06/07/09)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


nodeupdown.conf - specify alternate default values for the nodeupdown library


Through a configuration file, system administrators may override the default values used in the nodeupdown_load_data(3) API function. The configuration specified in this file takes precedence over any configuration values found in a configuration module.

The configuration file is stored at /etc/nodeupdown.conf.


The following are a list of configuration options that can be specified in the configuration file. Each configuration option must be listed on a separate line. Arguments for an option are separated by any amount of whitespace. Multiple arguments are also separated by whitespace. Comments can be marked by using the pound sign ("#") character, and lines can be continued on the next using backslash ("\").
hostnames host1 host2 host3 ...

Specify the hostname of the server to reach. Multiple hostnames can be listed up to a maximum of 8.

port num

Specify the port.

timeout_len seconds

Specify the timeout length in seconds.




whatsup(1), libnodeupdown(3), nodeupdown_load_data(3)