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Version: 362217 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


print.ini --- survex printer settings


The print.ini file contains printer descriptions for the Survex printer drivers.

File Format

The format of the print.ini file is similar to the .ini files used on Microsoft Windows. The file is divided into sections, each section corresponding to a separate printer description. A section starts with a section name in square brackets, e.g. aven's built-in printer support uses the aven section:


followed by some options of the form <option>=<setting>, e.g.:


In the supplied print.ini each option is preceded by a comment (indicated by a semicolon ';') briefly explaining the option.

Customising Printer Settings

If you wish to change the size of the font used for labels or the colours used you need to override some of the setting in print.ini.

You shouldn't modify the master print.ini (located in /usr/share/survex on Unix, or in the same directory as the Survex program files on other systems), or your changes will be overwritten by upgrades. Instead create:

/etc/survex/print.ini (Unix - system-wide settings)
~/.survex/print.ini (Unix - per user settings)
myprint.ini in the directory where Survex is installed (other platforms)

If one of these files contains a setting then aven will use it instead of the setting in the master print.ini. Any settings not specified will still fall back to the values in print.ini.

See Also

printdm(1), printhpgl(1), printpcl(1), printps(1)