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"razor-agent.conf" - Configuration file for Razor Agents


"razor-agent.conf" is a configuration file read by the razor agents, which include razor-check(1), razor-admin(1), razor-report(1), and razor-revoke(1). The format is ``attribute = value'' pairs, one pair per line. Lines that begin with `#' are treated as comments.


Following attributes can be specified:
Directory where Razor Agents look for files. All files in "razor-agent.conf" without a full path will be relative to "razorhome". The default is "/etc/razor/" for root, and "~/.razor/" for every other user. If "razorhome" does not exist, it will be created.
Log file for the Razor Agents. The default is "razor-agent.log".
Controls the amount of messages written to logfile. It is an integer between 0 and 20. For Example, a value of 1 logs only startup and error messages, 5 includes every transaction with the server, and 14 is extremely verbose information intended for debugging use only. NOTE: 15 and higher create debug files on your filesystem --- do not use unless you know what you are doing. The default is 5.
Specify an identify file to use for storing a newly registered identity during razor-admin(1). For razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1), use this identity when authenticating with Razor Servers. If not specified, "<razorhome>/identity-<user>" is used.
File where Razor Nomination Servers are listed, in order of closest TCP ping time. Nomination Servers are used by razor-report(1) and razor-revoke(1). This file is created automatically. The default is "servers.nomination.lst".
File where Razor Catalogue Servers are listed, in order of closest TCP ping time. Catalogue Servers are used by razor-check(1). This file is created automatically. The default is "servers.catalogue.lst".
File where Razor Discovery Servers are listed, in random order. This file is created automatically using DNS. The default is "servers.discovery.lst".
Max time in seconds Razor Agents will wait before computing a new "listfile_discovery" using DNS. The default is 604800, which is 7 days.
Max time in seconds Razor Agents will wait before computing a new "listfile_nomination" and a new "listfile_catalogue". The default is 172800, which is 2 days.
Turns off closest host discovery. When set to 1, "listfile_catalogue" and "listfile_nomination" will not be updated and "listfile_discovery" is not read or updated. The default is 0.
Automatically ignore mailing list posts. If set to 0, mailing list posts will be handled like all other mail. The default is 0.
Name of whitelist file. Razor Agents can consult a whitelist of addresses and SHA1 hashes before checking a mail with Razor Servers. If the address/hash is found on the whitelist, the mail is marked `not spam', without checking against the server. The format of the whitelist can be found in razor-whitelist(5) manpage. The default is "razor-whitelist".
When checking spam, the server optionally returns a spam confidence value ranging from 0 (not confident) to 100 (absolutely or 100% confident). To be considered spam, the server's spam confidence value must be greater than or equal to "min_cf". "min_cf" can be a number or an expression containing ac, the average confidence published by a Razor Server. Examples: 0, 60, 100, ac, ac + 10, ac - 20. If an expression evaluates to less than 0 it becomes 0, likewise those greater than 100 become 100. The default is "ac".
When reporting spam, the entire email (headers and body) is sent to a Razor Nomination Server. When set to 0, all the headers are removed except headers beginning with "Content-" before sending, and a special header beginning with "X-Razor2" is added to note this action. The default is 1.


Vipul Ved Prakash, <mail@vipul.net> and Chad Norwood <chad@samo.org>


razor-agents(1), razor-check(1), razor-admin(1), razor-report(1), razor-revoke(1), razor-whitelist(5)