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scrollkeeper.conf - ScrollKeeper configuration file


System-wide configuration of ScrollKeeper


The system-wide scrollkeeper.conf file is typically installed at /etc/scrollkeeper.conf. It stores the default OMF paths which are searched by scrollkeeper-update (8) to update the ScrollKeeper documentation catalog. The paths are held by the OMF_DIR variable which is assigned to a colon (:) delimited list of paths.

Comment lines begin with the (#) character.


A typical scrollkeeper.conf file will look like:
 # Comment


Any user on the system is able to use the scrollkeeper-update (8) command to generate a ScrollKeeper database at any path that the user has write permission to. The user can over-ride the system default OMF_DIR path variable by setting a shell variable of the same name, OMF_DIR. In this way, a user can create a document catalog which contains a superset of the system documentation, or a completely independent set of documents which the user may be interested in.

Note that most applications will register its documentation at install time, and unregister it at uninstall time. Thus, a user who keeps their own personal ScrollKeeper database may need to periodically run scrollkeeper-update (8) manually (or with cron) to keep their database up-to-date.


Laszlo Kovacs <>
Dan Mueth <>


scrollkeeper-config(1), scrollkeeper-gen-seriesid(1), scrollkeeper(7), scrollkeeper-preinstall(8), scrollkeeper-rebuilddb(8), scrollkeeper-update(8)