Langue: en

Version: 384556 (fedora - 01/12/10)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


sip2ncid.conf - sip2ncid configuration file


The sip2ncid.conf file contains the configuration information for sip2ncid, the Network Caller ID Server.

The sip2ncid.conf file is used to set options. Options are set on a command line. A line is broken up into words. A word is either a string of non-blank characters, everything between double quotes, or an equal sign.

The sip2ncid.conf file understands 5 types of lines:

blank line
skip it
comment line, beginning with '#'
skip it
command lines, beginning with 'set'
set ITEM = VALUE [ITEM = VALUE] [...]
where ITEM = pidfile, verbose, ncidhost, ncidport, siphost, sipport


Set the verbose level to 3
       set verbose = 3

Set the SIP port to 5061

       set sipport = 5061


sip2ncid.8, ncidd.8, ncidd.conf.5