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Version: 384480 (fedora - 01/12/10)

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smt_dhcp_ra_support.conf - The configuration file for the DHCP Management using WBEM technologies.


The smt_dhcp_ra_support.conf file is used to configure the WBEM-SMT instrumentation components. It defines several configuration parameters that are required to run the CMPI provider correctly.


This configuration file is used to define some variables used for the WBEM-SMT DHCP Instrumentation. The providers will pick up the values from this file and process according to these settings.


The file is used in the ini-style format. Which means to set a configuration parameter you have to specify a name value pair like

<name> = <value>

where name is a known configuration parameter and value a valid value for the configuration parameter.

Is a line starting with # then the line is used as a comment. Empty lines are totally ignored from any processing.


If an attribute name is not known, it will be ignored from any further processing.
Misspelled values or values which are exceeding the values ranges will automatically be replaced by the attributes default value.


The dhcpconf attribute is used to define the location and the name of the DHCP configuration file.
The default is '/etc/dhcpd.conf'
The initscript attribute defines the location and the name of the init script which is used to start/stop/restart the DHCP server.
The default is '/etc/rc.d/init.d/dhcpd'
The scriptdir attribute is used to define the directory where several scripts are located. These are used by the resource access layer.
The default is '/usr/share/sblim-cmpi-dhcp'


The initial man page has been written by Wolfgang Taphorn <>

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