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Version: 174176 (fedora - 06/07/09)

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ss5.passwd - Contains usernames and passwords for user authentication.


ss5 usually reads the password file, ss5.passwd, in the /etc/opt/ss5 directory.


To enable Username/Password authentication with the ss5 daemon you must create a password file, and modify the ss5 configuration file, ss5.conf.

In the password file, add one line for each user. Each line should contain the username and password for the user, separated by white space.

In the ss5 configuration file, add an auth line to require authentication and allow the user access. For additional information about the ss5 configuration file, refer to the ss5.conf(5) man page.

Adding Username/Password authentication to ss5 requires 3 steps:

1. Create the password file with one entry per line. To create an entry for the user named matthew, whose password is secret, add this line to the ss5.passwd file:
matthew secret
2. Edit the auth line in the configuration file to require Username/Password authentication. The configuration file may contain auth lines such as:
auth - - -
To add username and password authentication, change the line to:
auth - - u

3. Restart the server.


ss5(1), ss5.conf(5), ss5.pam(5), ss5.ha(5)


Matteo Ricchetti

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