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Version: 362301 (ubuntu - 24/10/10)

Section: 5 (Format de fichier)


.tartrc - Configuration file for LinuxTaRT


LinuxTaRT uses a configuration file called tartrc. This configuration file is searched for in the following location:



CustomText1 = string
Signature header or text to replace %c1 in template.
CustomText2 = string
Signature footer or text to replace %c2 in template.
SignatureFile = /path/to/signature_file
Location and name file to write the sigature to.
TagLineDatabase = /path/to/tagline_database
Location and name of tagline database. (defaults to /etc/tart.tags)
SpecialDates = /path/to/special_dates
Location and name of special date file.
CustomFile = /path/to/template
Location and name of layout template.

The following settings may be overridden from the command line.

RunQuiet = 0|1
Display information during executution.
ShowDate = 0|1
Display the date in the default signature.
ShowVersion = 0|1
Display the LinuxTaRT version in the default signature.
CenterText = 0|1
Center the text in the default signature.
UseCustomText = 0|1
Generate signature from template or use default layout.
UseSpecialDates = 0|1
Check special date file for special dates.
RunAsDaemon = seconds
Run as a daemon and wait this many seconds between updates.




tart(1) tartdates(5) tart-custom(5)