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vicetab - information about Coda server data partitions


vicetab is a table of Coda data partitions found on individual servers comprising a Coda netowrk server. This includes partition(s) used by the backup coordinator to store dump files to placed on a suitable backup media. This file must be shared among all machines comprising a Coda hub so edits should be done only on the designated SCM.


 tye             /vicepa         ftree  depth=5,width=8
 tye             /vicepb         ftree  width=8,depth=5 
 taverner        /vicepa         ftree  width=8,depth=5
 taverner        /usr/vicepb     ftree  depth=4,width=8
 tallis          /vicepa         ftree  width=8,depth=5
 tallis          /vicepb         ftree  width=8,depth=5
 dvorak          /backup1        backup
 dvorak          /backup2        backup
 dvorak          /backup3        backup

Where column 1 specifies the server as returned by the system call gethostbyname().

Column 2 specifies the directory of the Coda data tree which must be a local file system partition for optimal performance. NOTE: if a server serves than more than one Coda data parition, each data partition must have a seperate entry in vicetab.

Column 3 specifies the Coda partition type.

ftree an "inode number" directory and file naming system for storing the Coda filesystem into a local file system tree structure: e.g. inode 4711 in base 10 with width 1 and depth 5 would become 0/4/7/1/1. So, using the above example, a width of 4 and a depth of 2 would make the file name 4/711. If this storage type is specified, the width and depth must also be given in the 4th column seperated by a comma.

Column 4 specifies the width and depth of the ftree.

width the maximum "width" of an ftree data partition.
depth the maximum "depth" of an ftree data partition.

In the case of the backup coordinator, only the first three columns are used, with a partition type of backup specified in the third column.

This file should only be edited on the designated SCM machine and then allowed to propagate.


None we currently are aware of.


Henry M. Pierce, 1997, created