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Version: 25 October 1994 (debian - 07/07/09)

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vtprintcap - database of terminal printer control codes




vtprintcap is a simple flat file database containing a list of the names of various terminals and the codes those terminals use to start and stop an attached printer (media hard copy). This database is used by vtprint(1) and related programs.

Each entry is composed of three lines. The first line is a comma-delimited list of names which may be used to reference this entry. The second line the sequence of characters used by the terminal to turn on an attached hard copy device and redirect output to that device. The third line contains the sequence of characters used to turn the device off and restore normal output to the screen.

An entry must have all three lines to be considered valid. Currently no comment lines are permitted to exist between these lines: such lines would be interpreted as the printer control codes themselves!

The rules for selecting a terminal name are simple: you must follow the same rules as for /etc/termcap(5) names. Terminal names should be entered in /etc/vtprintcap with exactly the same names as are in /etc/termcap.

The control code strings in the second and third lines of an entry are governed as follows: ANSI C style escapes for character constants (e.g. \n for newline) are permitted, constant strings are permitted, and quotes may be used to as delimiters in the string. (This is useful if you wish you use a digit immediately following a numeric escape. For example, ESC-5 should be represented as \033"5" to avoid confusion in with \335. In general, the rules outlined for ANSI constant escaping are enforced.

Additionally, /etc/vtprintcap may contain comment lines, which are indicated by placing a hash mark (#) in the first column of the line. Remember however that entries must not be broken up by comment lines!


Here is a sample entry common to DEC vt100 and vt102 terminals:
# Sample vtprintcap entry for vt100 & vt102 terminals
vt100, vt102

This entry would be used whenever the user's TERM environment variable was set to "vt102" or "vt100", using ESC [5i and ESC [4i as the printer control codes to turn a printer on and off, respectively.


vtprintcap is part of the vtprint package, which can be obtained by anonymous ftp at ftp.sdsu.edu in the /pub/vtprint directory. Please read the INDEX and README files before downloading.

If you do not have ftp availability, then you can request a uuencoded copy of vtprint be sent to you via e-mail from the author. The author is also willing to make other arrangements as needed, within certain limitations.




vtprintcap handling code currently could get confused if a printer control code is exactly the same as the name of a terminal, or contained the name of a terminal delimited by commas. As this is very unlikely to every occur, it shouldn't be a problem.


termcap(5) vtprint(1)