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Version: 8 Oct 2003 (debian - 07/07/09)

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wwwoffle.options - configuration options for wwwoffle


/etc/wwwoffle/wwwoffle.options contains a set of flags that determine some of the behavior of the wwwoffle daemon, which is run every time an internet connection comes up. It is preferable to configure these settings using debconf via dpkg-reconfigure wwwoffle

Available options are:

This will enable wwwoffle to go online and offline (or autodial in case of a dial-on-demand connection) automatically when the connection goes up and down. Comment this option out if you don't use wwwoffle over a dialup connection or you don't want the scripts to manipulate the mode; this forces the online mode always (in which case the fetch option has no effect, see the fetch option below).
This will cause the wwwoffle daemon to get all the pages that were marked for download immediately when the internet connection comes up. Some people do not like this behaviour since they often go online just for a quick check for new mail and want to fetch big web pages manually once a day.
This will cause htdig to maintain a searchable index of the pages cached by wwwoffle. This used to be the default, but if a system has htdig installed for its own web pages, it would automatically also be used for wwwoffle, which might not have been the intention.
(Not settable via debconf)
This prevents the startup script /etc/init.d/wwwoffle from checking wwwoffle.conf for URL specifications that end in '/'. If such an URL is detected, a verbose warning is given that such a specification will only match the '/' URL on the host, and not the entire host as you might expect (add '*' to the end for that). However, perhaps you really want such a specification; in that case, add a line with nocheckconf to /etc/wwwoffle/wwwoffle.options to prevent the warning.
(Not settable via debconf)
This prevents the daily cron job /etc/cron.daily/wwwoffle from purging old content from the cache. Note that this means there's no automatic cleanup, and hence the system will fill up over time!


wwwoffle(1), wwwoffle.conf(5), wwwoffled(8), htdig(8)


This manpage was written by Paul Slootman for Debian GNU/Linux.