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Version: 301828 (debian - 07/07/09)

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xsmbrowser-config - xSMBrowser global configuration file




xSMBrowser is a tool for navigating SMB Networks (Samba, SMB, CIFS). xSMBrowser configuration file contains information that is read by xSMBrowser at startup and overrides any user-specific configuration option. The file is designed to be human readable and contains a list of keywords with values.

You should note that, as the global parameters override user-specific choices, this file should be edited with care.

The different configuration options are:

Time to wait before the query fails If no Timeout entry is present, a default value of 90 is assumed.
Object Spacing
The space left between two icons
Image Path
The path where xSMBrowser should search its pixmaps. If omitted, the default value /usr/share/pixmaps/xsmbrowser is assumed.
Button Pixmaps
A boolean value telling xSMBrowser to draw pixmaps on its button or not. Default is set to yes.
Show License
If set to show, xSMBrowser will pop-up a window containing the full GPL text at startup. Most people will let it default to full.
Indicates whether xSMBrowser should display the mount window (and thus use smbmount). This directive takes two parameters ; If you want to use smbmount, you must set the first to yes. else, set it to no. The second parameters depends on your version of smbmount. Debian comes with a default /etc/xsmbrowse/xsmbrowse-config that describe this option in details. Most of Debian user will set this parameter to 0, or 5 if xSMBrwoser is set to use smbmount.
Indicate the command that should be executed when a share is mounted. The special keyword $MOUNPOINT describes the mountpoint location.
Mount Tree
This value allow to set a root directory in which all share mountpoints will be located.




xsmbrowser(1X), smbclient(1), smbmount(8)


Emmanuel le Chevoir <mms@debian.org>