Langue: en

Version: July 2008 (MeeGo - 06/11/10)

Section: 7 (Divers)


bugle-exe - record a compilable log of OpenGL calls made


 filterset exe
 filename "exetrace.c"


This filter-set provides a log of the OpenGL calls made. Unlike the bugle-trace(7) filter-set, the log is output as C code that can be compiled to reproduce the function calls.


This filter-set is still experimental and incomplete. For details, see below.

Currently, only OpenGL function calls are recorded, not calls to WGL/GLX/EGL or the native windowing system. Handles returned by functions such as glGenTextures and glCreateShader are not remapped, so re-running a compiled trace will only work if handles are generated deterministically by the OpenGL implementation. Client-side vertex arrays are also not yet supported.

The generated code merely consists of a function per frame, and a lookup table of those function. It is up to you to provide a harness in which to run this code.



The name of the C file to generate. Defaults to exetrace.c.


See the limitations above. This filter-set is also vulnerable to any errors or omissions in the tables that tell bugle how many values are stored in an array passed to OpenGL.

Because the filter-set examines arguments and follows pointers, it is possible to crash it by passing invalid values, particularly invalid pointers.


bugle is written and maintained by Bruce Merry.


bugle(3), bugle-trace(7)