Langue: en

Version: October 2007 (MeeGo - 06/11/10)

Section: 7 (Divers)


bugle-screenshot - takes screenshots and captures video


 filterset screenshot
     filename "screenshot.ppm"
     key_screenshot "C-A-S-S"
 filterset screenshot C-V inactive
     video "yes"
     filename "video.avi"
     codec "mpeg4"
     bitrate "1000000"
     allframes "no"


The screenshot filter-set can be used in one of two modes, corresponding to the two examples above. In the first, a particular key-press causes a screenshot to be taken, which is written to file in ppm(5) format. In the second, a video stream is captured and encoded to one of a range of formats with ffmpeg(1).



This option controls the mode: either screenshots on request or a video stream. This filter-set supports activation and deactivation, so it is possible to record video only on demand.


The file to which the image/video is written. In the case of an image, if the filename contains a % it is used as a format string for sprintf(3) with the frame number passed as the parameter.


The key combination used to capture a screenshot.


The codec to use when capturing a video. Refer to the documentation for ffmpeg(1) for a list of valid codecs. Some codecs require special setup and may not work, but common codecs such as mpeg4 and huffyuv should work.


The approximate number of bits per second to use for video encoding.


By default, a frame is captured 30 times per second. If this option is set, every frame is captured. Note that the video file will still play at 30fps, so the speed will vary unless the application has been written to use a fixed time-step between frames for its internal animation (this is a useful way to produce smooth video if the capturing overhead is otherwise too high).


Sets the latency between frame capture and encoding. If GL_EXT_pixel_buffer_object is available, setting this option to a value greater than 1 can help mask readback latency, at the expense of video memory.


bugle is written and maintained by Bruce Merry.


bugle(3), ppm(5), ffmpeg(1)