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Version: 02/24/2009 (fedora - 06/07/09)

Section: 7 (Divers)


cg-ref - Cogito quick reference


A list of frequently used commands grouped with related commands.


Getting help:

 cg help command                 Show help for a command
 cg command -h                   Show usage summary for a command

Repository creation:

 cg init                         Create a repository in the current directory
 cg clone url                    Clone a remote repository into a subdirectory

File operations:

 cg add file                     Add file to the working tree
 cg add -r directory             Recursively add files in directory
 cg rm file                      Remove file or directory from the working tree
 cg rm -r directory              Recursively remove files in directory
     -f                          Delete file from disk
 cg mv file destination          Move file or directory to new location
     -f                          Overwrite existing destination files
 cg restore file                 Restore file
     -r revision                 Bring back file from revision (and add it)
     -f                          Overwrite uncommitted changes

Working tree:

 cg status [file]                Show branches and status of the working tree
 cg reset                        Reset the working tree to the last commit
 cg clean                        Clean unknown files from the working tree
 cg commit [file]                Commit the working tree
     -m message                  Append message to commit log
 cg admin-uncommit               Undo commit
 cg seek revision                Temporarily switch the working tree

Examining History:

 cg log [file]                   View commit log
     -r revision                 Limit to revision range
     -f                          List affected files
     -s                          Summarize commits to one line
 cg diff [file]                  Show diff of changes
     -r revision                 Diff revision instead of working tree
     -p                          Diff against parent
     -s                          Show diff stat

Remote branches:

 cg fetch [branch]               Fetch changes from a remote branch
 cg update [branch]              Fetch and merge changes from a remote branch
 cg push [branch]                Push changes to a remote branch
 cg branch-ls                    List remote branches
 cg branch-add branch url        Add remote branch
 cg branch-chg branch url        Change URL of existing branch

Local branches:

 cg merge branch                 Merge changes from branch (even a remote one)
 cg switch branch                Switch the working tree to branch
     -r revision                 Create branch from revision
     -f                          Overwrite existing branch

Exporting and importing:

 cg patch < file                 Apply patch from stdin
 cg mkpatch                      Format a patch with log message and diffstat
     -r revision                 Limit to revision range
 cg export directory             Export snapshot to directory
 cg export file.tar.gz           Export snapshot to tar file
     -r revision                 Base snapshot on revision


 cg tag name revision            Create tag for a given revision
     -s                          Sign tag with your private key using GPG
 cg tag-ls                       Show name and revision for all tags

File status flags:

 ? unknown                       File is not under revision control
 A added                         File has been added
 D deleted                       File has been deleted
 ! disappeared                   File is missing from the working tree
 M modified                      File has been touched or modified
 m modified (while merging)      File was modified prior to the merge

Copyright © Jonas Fonseca, 2006.


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