Langue: en

Version: 65697 (mandriva - 22/10/07)

Section: 7 (Divers)


display-auto : OS dependent target autodetection




It provides OS dependent target autodetection.

It is automatically invoked when you open a default target with ggiOpen(). It unloads itself automatically before ggiOpen() returns back to the application, successful or not.

It probes several targets. It tries the next target when the one before is given up. Before a target is given up, it can even probe a target with different (target specific) options.


Say, you're on a remote session and open a default target. Say, the X-target is tried first. It fails, because the shm extension is only locally usable. So it tries the X-target again, but this time with the -noshm option. This should work then.

Say, you are on a console, no X available. The X-target will fail (after some retries). If you are on Linux, next targets may be fbdev, svgalib, terminfo, aalib, etc. If you are on FreeBSD, next targets may be vgl and aalib.

Similar counts for all other Operating Systems such as MacOSX, Open- and NetBSD, Windows, Solaris, etc.